How to send funeral flowers to Japan Tokyo

we send condolence flowers to Japan funeral hoem or celemony place.


​Japanese funeral culture

In Japan, when a person dies, On the first and second days, close family members visit the home of the deceased. A Funeral called otsuya(お通夜) is performed on the night of three days after the death. It is a ritual to comfort the soul of the deceased on the night of the death. Set up an altar in the house and place photos and incense. It takes about 2-3 hours while receiving mourners. Mourners send flowers and money. Money gift are 10000yen, 30000yen, 50000yen is common.

​When the otsuya is over, move to your seat and eat the food prepared by the resident. the food is centered on sushi, and it is provided through a company. It is customary to order and serve a funeral food set. 


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